Kid Portraits

One thing I learned in making these portraits: I am better at drawing than I am at painting. The skin tone was excruciating to achieve, and I had the unnerving feeling that I was applying makeup to dead people. That difficulty of creating a natural skin tone on something the exact opposite of “life-like.”  Very. Hard.

I would love to take a painting class sometime when I have time.

This is how they turned out. I still think they’re cute, despite their flaws, and maybe because of them.

(with this first one I forgot to take a picture of the drawing)

002 (2)

007 (2)   040 (2)


009 (2)        024

One more thing about drawing my own kids: each drawing took a couple hours, and I would just sit and listen to music while staring at photos of each kid. It turned out to be a kind of meditation as I focused on the curved lines, the slight tilt of the eyes, the subtle differences in the shape of each face, and every little detail. Drawing each child helped me see them with fresh eyes and gave me new appreciation for each one.

I enjoyed this project so much, I have plans to redraw each one with charcoals and a painted background.


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